Azimuth A.D.


You start in a garage then suddenly, 35 years later you remaster your best songs to introduce them to Pandora. Wow, it boggles the mind. Our Anthology album 2 of 2. Sometimes songs that you forgot about can have life anew as long as you have a strong theme and message and use new remastering technology!

This was a labor of love. Music outlives us all and we are so blessed that our legacy isn't dusty pictures pictures buried in a box in a closet. Our music is Christian. Our lyrics are meant for reflection...to perhaps make a difference for Him or bring back memories for you.

We were called to spread His word across the world. It's hard to image our music has reached over 75 percent of the nearly 200 countries on Earth. Everyday someone on a cell phone, tablet or computer plays us in a place whose soil we have never stepped. How blessed are we?