Mix & Master

Need help with your music project? Get your music project professionally mixed, or mastered.

Edit Track

Edit out imperfections in a single track. Please email before submitting your song.

Song Master

Master one song to get it distribution ready. Please email before submitting your song.


Full Album Mixing and, or Mastering

Will mix and or master your entire album. Please email before submitting your project.


  • Track edit will consist of removing any clicks, pops and ambient noise that can be heard, such as a vocal track.

  • Song Mastering will consist of using EQ and various applications to bring the song to life. Using EQ to increase or decrease the bass. Adding or decreasing the highs and EQ the middle to allow the lead to lay in the song – not overpower, or sound in the background.

  • Mixing and Mastering the entire album is just that: taking your entire project and engineering it for high quality sound and balance. Then Mastering the project once mixing is complete to ensure all song volume levels agree (no one song sound louder than another).