You Are the One

When Alton Paul was asked by Rhesa to co-produce a CD he was honored. Because of the admiration Alton Paul has for the man and his music, he counted it a privilege to work with such an accomplished musician. “I am always amazed at how limitless his creativity seems to be in producing fresh and new ideas." said Alton Paul

“You Are the One” is just the Christian CD to exhibit the broad scope of Rhesa’ ability. From the smooth and mellow notes of “Worship You” to the hot and heavy hitting “Dance” to the praise and admiration of “Mystery” written by Norma Stephenson. His style allows for different expressions of our faith. Alton Paul does not disappoint with his smooth vocals! Contemporary Christian at it's best!

Look for more songs to be added as they are in the process of being remastered to today's technology.